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Sustainable Brands brings you a world-class mix of business innovators, thought leaders and next-gen entrepreneurs. Learn from and be inspired by compelling and diverse presenters who are leading transformation for brands and the world at large

What types of brands does SB work with? 

We are an open, informed, and respectful community, largely made up of influential change-agents that believe companies and brands are responsible to and transformed by each of their stakeholders, including investors, employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities that give them license to operate.

We believe that changing the hearts and minds of individuals within and surrounding any company, in any sector, can meaningfully contribute to a shift in the future of commerce. We are committed to convening challenging conversations in a safe place where there is commitment to listen as much as speak, and where the unwritten assumption by the community is that those who attend are there to learn, grow and ultimately to find their path to contributing to the future we want.

Are there any brands SB will not work with?

Those who choose to show up at SB do so for many reasons, and we welcome all who come because we believe being part of our community can be transformative. However it is important to clarify that participation in, or support for Sustainable Brands in the way of sponsorship or advertising does not in and of itself indicate SB’s endorsement of participants’ intentions, commitments, contributions to or progress against our shared mission.

Through the years, we’ve consistently engaged in debate and discussion as an organization and other stakeholders — about the position we take on being an open community. As the future unfolds, we continue to welcome this dialogue as it pertains to all aspects of engagement with SB, as we believe it’s necessary to meet the challenges we all face in securing a long-term, viable future and shifting the future of commerce.

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