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Khalilah "KO" Olokunola

Founder & Impact Architect
ReEngineering HR

Khalilah "KO" Olokunola is a pioneer in DEI centric hiring and staff retention, known for her data-driven approach to transforming organizational culture and impactful change. With extensive experience employing active gang members & justice-impacted talent, Olokunola offers unique insights into unlocking human potential and utilizing untapped talent. She advocates for moving beyond traditional recruitment strategies to focus more on the head, heart, hand, and how, as detailed in her book, "Do Recruit: How to Find and Keep Great People". Olokunola has collaborated with Fortune 50-500 companies nationwide, providing people-focused, purpose-driven, and profit-aligned solutions, strategies, and specialty training. Her work champions a shift towards HR that is not just responsible but responsive & reengineered to the real needs of people and organizations.


Khalilah Olokunola, a leading expert in DEI-centric hiring and staff retention, proposes that traditional recruitment strategies are outdated. In her new book, "Do Recruit: How to Find and Keep Great People", she... see more

Thursday 9th May
5:00 PM - 5:15 PM

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