Sustainability at SB'23

We’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of Sustainable Brands conferences by enlisting our community in the sustainable production of our events and improving our host communities’ sustainability initiatives and performance.

Driving the adoption of the SB Nine Sustainable BehaviorsTM is at the center of how brands can align internally and with their consumers to drive good growth and close the sustainability intention-action gap.

Address Climate Crisis


Moderate meat consumption and eat mostly plant-based foods.


Conserve energy and use renewable energy sources where possible.


Purchase durable, reusable products and use fewer disposable ones.

Preserve Resources For Life


Use only what you need and find ways to reduce water and food waste.


Choose products made with recycled content and recycle, rent, share and buy used over new products.


Buy products with clean ingredients and products that protect habitats and biodiversity.

Foster Resilient Societies


Support causes and products that support women and girls, that includes purchasing from women-owned businesses.


Support brands offering inclusive and equitable products, policies and practices.


Actively participate in organizations, buy from companies that support sustainable living, and vote.

Sustainability Partners

Official Water Restoration Partner

Water use balanced with Bonneville Environmental Foundation’s (BEF) Water Restoration Certificates® (WRCs). BEF provided WRCs for Sustainable Brands’ 2022 Conference. These certificates balance the estimated water impacts from the Omni La Costa resort for four days. WRCs will be sourced from 15-Mile Reach Project.

Affiliate Partner

We’ve partnered with Careit to donate all surplus food to local hunger-relief agencies and serve the most vulnerable individuals and families in the Carlsbad/San Diego area. We ask that SB’22 attendees only serve themselves the food they are sure they will eat so that we can donate as much as possible through this partnership. Untouched, uneaten food will be donated, and any food that has been served will be composted.

Plastic Action Partner

RePurpose will remove 100 pieces of nature bound plastic for each SB’22 attendee through Project Saaf Samudra. Along the sprawling coastlines of Goa, India, teeming with tourists all-year-round, discarded plastic food packaging more often than not ends up polluting the ocean and our impact project is a concentrated effort to curb ocean-bound plastic pollution and empower marginalized waste workers in the region. The project ensures that soft plastics which are rarely collected and have very low economic value are intercepted and recovered before it reaches the oceans.

Affiliate Partner

We’ve partnered with EarthSuds to supply all rooms at the Omni la Costa with shower tablet shampoo, conditioner, and body wash as a sustainable alternative to traditional toiletries. The tablets come in a 100% recyclable aluminum tin that we encourage you to reuse. This eliminates one source of single-use plastic usually found in hotel rooms.

Not staying at the Omni? You can find some at the Sustainable Brands booth.

Renewable Energy and Carbon Offset Partner

Carbon emissions from the event, including attendee travel and venue operations at Omni La Costa, will be offset by South Pole Group

Local Positive Impact Partner

SB is partnering with Sharia’s Closet to run a clothing drive at SB’22. Sharia’s Closet provides supportive services in a judgment-free manner to empower clients to become survivors and move forward with their lives. Sharia’s Closet works together to assemble a wardrobe for each individual client, fitted for body type and personal style preference.

Sharia’s Closet will be running a clothing drive on-site at the Omni. We ask that attendees bring one piece of new or gently used clothing to contribute to the clothing drive. Other needs include new socks and underwear, menstrual hygiene products (pads/tampons/feminine wipes), personal hygiene products (shampoo, conditioner, body soap/wash, toothbrushes/paste, mouth wash, lotion, hairbrushes, deodorant), and newborn baby essentials (baby oil, body wash, soap, shampoo, wipes, pacifiers).

Waste Mitigation Partner

We have partnered with Terracycle to collect otherwise non-recyclable or compostable waste and keep it out of landfills. While at SB’22, we will have a 3 bin waste disposal system to appropriately sort waste into trash, recycling, or compost. Terracycle will also collect otherwise non-recyclable or compostable waste and keep it out of landfills. Find zero-waste boxes for the coffee pods from your hotel room, your conference badge, and disposable masks near the SB registration desk, and find a zero-waste box for plastic waste near the hotel lobby.

At Sustainable Brands, we are committed to modeling the best behaviors and practices we share with our community.

If you have any feedback or innovative ideas to make SB’23 San Diego more sustainable, please reach out to [email protected].