Speaker Nomination

Submission Deadline: May 17th, 2023.

Please read carefully – Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to our program. We are grateful for your contributions and value your time and effort!

Due to the sheer volume of submissions, less than 5% are approved. We review every submission but can only respond to those aligned with the program objectives.

To increase your chances of acceptance, please familiarize yourself with the program theme, and highlight how your proposal would benefit our community. If your proposal is chosen, you will hear back from us no later than July 2023. We appreciate your understanding.

After the emphasis to recenter at SB’22 and accelerate into our future, we’ve reached that time for the conversation about glocalization and the fundamental need to rebuild our local economies. SB’23 will explore how the pandemic, social and societal challenges, the natural disasters and subsequent supply chain disruptions that have plagued so many people are opening the doors for now being the time for this conversation. Long-predicted global events, together with all the supply chain disruptions, have generated an awakening for business leaders and people at large. There is an amplifying drumbeat of the need for regenerative systems.

The program will be divided into five tracks.

  • Activating Brand Purpose: Learning how to define, articulate, embed and activate purpose, in order to serve people, planet and profit successfully.

  • Influencing Consumer Behavior at Scale: Harnessing effective storytelling and new tools to shift demand toward sustainable lifestyles, help shape culture and inspire desirable behavior change at scale – locally, regionally, and globally.

  • Next-Generation Design & Business Model Innovation: Exploring the most impactful product and service innovation gaining momentum at the intersection of regeneration, localization and business value.

  • Regenerative Operations & Supply Chain: Upgrading operations, logistics, purchasing, procurement and supply chain management toward healing, resilience and win-win shared value at all scales.

  • Transformative Governance & Metrics: Evolving governance to deliver forward-looking leadership, good growth, organizational adaptability, as well as goal-setting, measurement and reporting fit for a regenerative and just economy.

We welcome inspirational speakers who can contribute to the advancement of brand transformation and sustainability due to their unique experience, knowledge base, or novel approaches to solving today’s biggest challenges.

Due to the high amount of submissions received every year, we are unable to respond to them all. We will reach out if your application is being considered for the event. We appreciate your patience.