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Join the Movement: Building Resilient Brands for a Sustainable Future

Join the Movement: Building Resilient Brands for a Sustainable Future

A Letter from KoAnn Skrzyniarz,
Founder of Sustainable Brands

Amidst political and social upheaval, the urgency to transform our global economic framework for a greener, more socially positive future has never been greater. At Sustainable Brands (SB), we stand at the forefront of this transformation, believing in the power of brands to lead the way toward a flourishing future.

Since 2006, SB has unified a community of courageous optimists dedicated to reshaping commerce. We believe that brands are uniquely positioned to align business and society in harmony with nature. Through our extensive network of over 70 global brands, 10+ conferences across six continents, and a robust suite of tools and resources, we are accelerating the transition to a future-fit, regenerative economy.

Today’s consumers hold higher expectations than ever before. They demand that companies support sustainability and ethical practices. This presents a monumental opportunity for brands to gain a competitive advantage, strengthen brand affinity, and drive meaningful growth. At SB, we foster a community where purpose, problem-solving, and collaboration converge. We bring together business and brand leaders to learn, get inspired, and engage with new ideas.

Our commitment to sustainable innovation translates into significant growth opportunities for brands and their supporting networks. The future of business lies at the intersection of what the world needs, what consumers want, and what your brand can deliver. Brands that genuinely seek to understand and improve their impact on all stakeholders will lead and stand the test of time.

We invite you to join us at SB’24 San Diego, from October 14-17, 2024, for our 18th gathering. This event will bring together sustainability, brand, and innovation leaders to build the capacity needed to create resilient brands that win in the market by delivering value today and ensuring readiness for tomorrow.

The focus this year will be on crucial innovation opportunities that drive sustainable and regenerative business models. From next-gen materials and waste recovery to AI-powered stakeholder engagement and prosocial governance systems, we will explore various promising directions through diverse session formats. Join us as we turn shared challenges into win-win opportunities and leverage them to drive good growth.

Together, we can transform commerce to be future-fit, regenerative, and enduring. Join our community of brand leaders and be part of the leadership circle reshaping the future of business to align with the sustainable future we envision.

KoAnn Skrzyniarz
Founder, Sustainable Brands, PBC



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