Paul Hickman

Urban Ashes

Founder & CEO



As a designer, artist, project/production manager and business owner, Paul has 37 years experience creating things from billboards to environmental graphics to commercial environments to furniture and picture frames.  Fifteen years into his career, Paul hit a wall with the materials he was working with; they no longer made sense to him.

In seeking answers, he discovered the world of working with sustainable materials and production practices. Since 1996 he has been a leader in the green building and the local movements. Paul formed Urban Ashes in 2009 as a picture frame company that has now evolved into a full-service design and fabrication company, producing wholesale goods and servicing commercial environments.

Drawing on all of Paul’s experience, Urban Ashes features Intentionally simple and timeless designs, crafted from salvaged woods, featuring rich organic textures integrated with raw modern and industrial materials. By empowering our ex-felons and our marginalized youth with the opportunity to repurpose their lives with meaningful employment, they are able to reclaim these all too often discarded resources and lives. This dynamic combination creates an unparalleled quality behind their hand-made goods that tell a uniquely human story to pass down through the generations.

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