Why Detroit?

Moving the largest annual Sustainable Brands conference to Detroit this year is no happy accident. As a city that has weathered economic downturn and followed it with stunning revitalization, Detroit is a city of burgeoning innovation, where businesses and communities work and thrive together. Detroit offers the perfect starting point to bring our community together, and to ignite a collective conversation around Redefining the Good Life, collaborating to imagine the products, services, businesses and infrastructure that will deliver a sustainable and flourishing future for all.

After experiencing Detroit’s unique character firsthand, we’re eager to share this great American city with our entire community.

5 Key Reasons We Love Detroit:

  1. The City: Detroit is a city buzzing with life, culture, creativity, entertainment and beauty.  From exciting chef-driven cuisine and craft beers and spirits, to the Motown and Jazz music culture and vibrant arts scene, Detroit offers limitless opportunities for discovery and enjoyment. Learn more about why Detroit is considered one of America’s great cities not just for business, but as an unforgettable leisure destination with something for everyone.
  2. The People: Detroiters have a fierce passion for and pride in Detroit. What makes Detroit a special place isn’t just the infrastructure or the spectacular architecture from its golden age, or the legacy of the manufacturing industry of the past; it’s the contagious love that the residents have for their city. Learn more about some of the incredible work being done here by friends and partners we have made on our journey to Detroit.
  3. The Atmosphere: Named UNESCO’s first ‘city of design’ designation, Detroit is a fantastic living lab of imagination and experimentation. It is in the heartland of America, where the industrial age caught hold and flourished — but more importantly, where the future is being road-tested on a daily basis. Learn about some of the incredible ways Detroit is embodying business opportunity, transformation and sustainable innovation.
  4. The Values: In spite of its struggles, Detroit’s history has only served to leave the city and its residents with a coherent, palpable set of inspirational values. Detroiters have a hunger for working through the challenges that are impacting the lives of thousands. In addition to creating employment opportunities, Detroiters are equally eager to improve social equity and environmental degradation.
  5. The Opportunity: Detroit is at the forefront of innovation to reinvent manufacturing and industry, creating unique public-private partnerships that will build a strong future for all. The SB community has much inspiration to gain from Detroit’s examples of transformation and cutting-edge innovation: it is a city that is ripe for collaboration and co-creation. What better place to convene our community?

Want to learn more about our decision to move our largest annual Sustainable Brands event to Detroit? Join us at SB’17 Detroit to witness this unforgettable city for yourself! And make sure to explore our exclusive opportunities to experience Detroit through engaging local tours and delightful SB events .

I’m excited for SB community to be in Detroit to witness first-hand how an iconic American city is wrestling in real-time with resilience, equity and inclusion: all known must-have ingredients in its authentic revitalization. Therein we will discover lessons for business, philanthropy and civic leaders everywhere.
Kerry Dugan, Principal at SustainabiliD LLC


Photo credit: Nadir Ali

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