Competition & Service

The lack of mobility is the biggest roadblock to opportunity and basic human rights.  Whether it is access to a job, education, medical care, or quality food, mobility is vital to realizing opportunities, lifting people out of poverty, and helping solving the climate crisis.  Solving access through mobility – on a global scale – is […]

Raising the Bar for Detroit’s Youth

Last year, I delivered the closing remarks at SB’16 San Diego, as the flagship conference had announced that after ten years in San Diego, they were moving to Detroit for SB’17 Detroit.  Then, I advised the Sustainable Brands community, “don’t just fly in … dig in” to find enduring ways to contribute to Detroit’s ongoing […]

Redefining the Good Life Starts at Home

Procter & Gamble understands consumer behavior. The company that was founded in 1837 has impacted our everyday lives in a way few companies have – from our bathrooms to our laundry rooms to our nurseries, and a few rooms in between. P&G’s consumer products span 10 different categories: Baby, Feminine, Family, Fabric, Home, Hair, Skin […]

Good Mobility? Ford Motor Company is in the Driver’s Seat

When the Ford Motor Company was founded on June 16, 1903, the world population was 80,632,000. Drivers had nothing but time and open dirt roads to explore their new Ford Model A. Their biggest challenge back then was sharing the road with those pesky, antiquated horses. That was more than a century ago. Today, the […]

General Motors Taking Multiple Routes Toward Good Mobility

General Motors knows a thing or two about being a disruptive force. Prior to 1938, cars were simply practical contraptions in the form of horseless carriages. That changed when GM’s Harley Earl turned the industry on its head, shaping the evolution of the car from a utilitarian machine to a work of art. His creation […]

It’s All About The Good Life – And a Great Way to Do Business

Neighbor, Farmer, Friend, Partner, Collaborator, Helper, Mentor, Supporter, Worker – these words describe the people who make up Cabot Creamery’s farmer owners. Our farm families own the co-operative and employees and farmers alike, embrace doing business with a greater goal than simply selling dairy products. The Cabot family works together because we know that the […]

Growing Roots for the Good Life

I am thrilled to be participating as a speaker at Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit this year! I will be sharing the stage with two amazing panelists on May 23rd: Tyson Gersh, Co-Founder & President, The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, as well as Atlanta McIlwraith, Senior Manager of Community Engagement, Timberland.  Together, we will be discussing “Urban Gardens […]

Why Crying at Work Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing

Charles Antis, CEO of Antis Roofing & Waterproofing, thinks he’s wacky. “Helping others is in my DNA, I don’t know why.” Guess what? Deep down, you’re as wacky as Charles (unless you’re an extreme sociopath). Because a solitary human in the wild is pathetic, evolution has ensured serving others is hardwired into our genetics. Unlike […]

Are your brands green? Your corporate meetings should be too!

People are social animals. We want to meet and build communities. Hence the success of many meetings, events and conferences. This May, a fabulous cross-industry and international gathering will be organized by Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit. Many international companies and innovative thinkers will come together to ask and discuss how to ‘Redefine the Good Life’. […]

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