How nature can help us redefine the good life

Thanks to biomimicry, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task In nature, the ultimate success for any organism is the protection of the future generation of that species. To achieve that success, the organism must create conditions for a “good life”by taking care of its place. Nature is generous and provides resources for the […]

Designing for More Circular Systems

Outside the context of environmental concepts or business lingo, the word “sustainable” can be defined as able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed at a certain rate or level. In the context of the world we live in, today’s largely linear systems of consumption and production are far from it. Continuing […]

Getting CEO Commitment — Why is it so hard?

One of the things we are going to have to do if we are to create sustainable brands and a sustainable future is to help CEO’s and C suite leaders re-define what the good life means to them. How do we help CEO’s make forging sustainability and social good a central part of their definition […]

The Good Life is Square

For me, The Good Life is square. Not square as in lame (ha) or rigidly conventional (zzzz). But square as in allowing for those who have paid their debts to society to move forward free and unencumbered… you know, in a sustainable way. In the name of all things square, I am thrilled to be […]

Redesigning the Fashion Industry

In order to appreciate the enormity of opportunities to be made within the $2.5 trillion fashion industry, it’s important to understand a few key facts. First, it is estimated that the global apparel industry touches at least 150 million lives everyday, with 80% of the supply chain workers made up of women. Additionally, the industry […]

Can Menial Be Meaningful?

“You can’t help me. I manage mostly wait staff who only work for the paycheck.” Ron, the owner of several restaurants, tells me this upon hearing that I help companies expand the societal impact of jobs, a practice called job purposing. Ron believes some jobs – like nursing – promote societal good, and others – […]

Transparency Tools and the Data Revolution in Certification

One of the things most interesting about the evolution of sustainability certification today is the effect that data is having on company perceptions and expectations around trust.  The currency of sustainability standards and certification is trust. If that coffee or cocoa or seafood has a credible label on it, you trust that it’s – at the […]

Top 12 Must-See Sessions at SB’17 Detroit

Discover 12 hand-picked can’t miss SB’17 Detroit sessions, featuring some of the most exciting and timely developments from the field. Sessions include the reveal of real research data that delivers insights into consumers’ view of the good life and brands’ roles in delivering it, tools to calculate the ROI of any sustainability initiative, case studies […]

12 Trillion Reasons To Be A Better Brand

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define a world that promises a flourishing future for human civilization on spaceship Earth. Some companies already embrace the SDGs as their aspirational environmental and social goals. Other companies hesitate, in case attaining some or all the goals’ 169 associated targets by 2030 would be at the expense of […]

How Consumption Became a Nightmare and How to Take it Back

Consumption has become a massively complicated issue that many aspiring and conscious consumers grapple with on a regular basis. Many consumers are perplexed by the amount of information that they have to review before purchasing or consuming an item that settles with their conscience. We weigh a variety of factors before purchasing, including chemical composition, […]

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