John Izzo

The Five Thieves of Happiness

Bestselling Author and Thought Leader



Dr. John Izzo has been a pioneer on creating successful
businesses and emerging work trends for over twenty-five years. Izzo was a
pioneer on employee engagement and social responsibility with his book
Awakening Corporate Soul (1994), a trail blazer on shifting generational
values when he wrote Values Shift-The New Work Ethic (2000), showed how
individuals shape the future with Stepping Up (2014) and now is blazing a new
trail showing business why a rising class of people worldwide will shape the
economy of the future with his forthcoming book The Purpose Revolution. This
rising class is not one of nationality, income, race or gender but one that
aspires to have a good life while doing good. He has spoken to over one
million people, advised over 500 companies, authored six bestselling books
and helped some of the world’s most admired companies. Known for his
compelling combination of leading edge research, riveting storytelling,
practical ideas to make a difference starting now and a keen sense of where
the future is going your organization will leave inspired and ready to act.
His clients have included IBM, Qantas, the Mayo Clinic, Verizon, RBC, TELUS,
Westjet, DuPont, Humana, Microsoft and McDonalds.

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