Why Getting Deep CEO Commitment to Sustainable Innovation is So Hard and How to Help

Product & Service Innovation

When top executives in an organization truly ‘get it,’ sustainability-driven innovation is far easier. But few CEOs seem to be comfortable with and fluent in the language and logic of sustainability, or don’t see a way to prioritize it within the constraints and demands they face. Why aren’t there more CEOs committed to deep change? Why are there so few Paul Polmans and Ray Andersons? And what can we do as change agents to make it more likely to get that buy-in? This session is based on research and interviews with CEOs with a demonstrated commitment. Co-authors John Izzo and Andrew Winston sought to understand how CEOs who ‘get it’ reached their personal commitments, what barriers there may be on the way to greater CEO engagement, and, of course, how to bring along more leaders. Speakers will quickly share the findings of that research and provide an opportunity for robust dialogue. We will share experiences on internal senior engagement and generate ideas for accelerating CEO commitment.

Location: Date: May 23, 2017 Time: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm John Izzo Andrew Winston

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