Chad Smith

HumanWealth Partners

CEO and Co-founder



Chad is an entrepreneur, philosopher, and spiritual guide who’s spent nearly two decades working on issues central to organizational development, ethics, learning cultures, and sustainability. As a consultant for Fortune 500 companies in sectors ranging from agribusiness to petrochemicals to retail, as well as for leading nonprofits and educational institutions, Chad has sought to build bridges within and between organizations, and between them and the world, by connecting them to a mission that is both humane and financially sustainable.

As the CEO and co-founder of HumanWealth Partners, Chad offers clients a variety of custom-tailored programs and services to help create or redesign organizational cultures and systems so that they truly support and nurture human beings in today’s diverse and hyper-connected world. Rooted in the belief that there is an easier, more efficient, and more enriching way to work and live, HumanWealth’s approach has tangible benefits: increased employee engagement, development, and retention; greater operational efficiency through reduced friction in systems and human interactions; improved reputation; and deeper, more meaningful connections to stakeholders and the wider community.

Before founding HumanWealth, Chad taught history and ethics at the college and secondary levels, and served as the Dean of Spiritual and Ethical Life at Deerfield Academy. Chad holds degrees in cultural history, philosophy, and theology from Boston College, Boston University, and Lipscomb University, as well as a certificate in nonprofit leadership and management from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. A former pastor, he currently serves on the advisory board of the Massachusetts Council of Churches.

Residing in Newburyport, MA, with his wife and son, Chad is completing a book tentatively titled The Art of Life, which draws together management theory, ethical development, and social philosophy, to offer a pragmatic and hopeful vision of the good life in our time.

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