How Consumption Became a Nightmare and How to Take it Back

Consumption has become a massively complicated issue that many aspiring and conscious consumers grapple with on a regular basis. Many consumers are perplexed by the amount of information that they have to review before purchasing or consuming an item that settles with their conscience. We weigh a variety of factors before purchasing, including chemical composition, […]

5 Ways Courageous Brands are Earning Trust in Uncertain Times

Each day, we deal with more and more social, political and economic uncertainty.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed by these sometimes troubling and confusing times. But because of this, brands who are committed to working toward a brighter collective reality are standing out and strengthening the trust of consumers and other stakeholders. We know from years […]

The Vital Role of Brands in a Politically Divided Country

The November 2016 election cycle in the United States is one to remember. We’re all feeling its outcomes: divisiveness, cultural clashes, an era of “alternative facts,” a more pronounced "us vs. them" mentality and the distrust of leaders and corporate entities from their constituents and customers.   This divisive political climate is impacting brands as […]

Redefining the Good Life: Global Initiative Launching at SB’17 Detroit

Consumers around the world are becoming more demanding of the brands they buy, looking for new products, services and business models that surprise and delight while also contributing to a healthy environment and society. In 2017, Sustainable Brands® is launching a 3-year initiative to explore our global societal aspirations and frame a conversation about how […]