Stacy Glass

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Vice President, Built Environment



Stacy Glass is Vice President, at the non-profit Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (based in San Francisco) where she is a champion of several initiatives to help ensure that products are designed with safe ingredients that can be perpetually cycled and are manufactured in ways that respect humans and the environment. She is responsible for strategy and value creation for manufacturers, architects, designers, and owners/developers in the Built Environment sector as well as leading an innovative project with Google to accelerate the availability of actionable data for safe chemistry. She was recognized in 2015 by GB&D magazine and the US Green Building Council with the Women in Sustainability Leadership Award.  Stacy is the co-author of “Understanding Green Building Materials”, regularly presents on the topics of sustainability and healthy building materials, and served two elected terms on the board of her local USGBC.  She co-founded and was President of CaraGreen, a sustainable building materials company.  Before starting CaraGreen, Stacy worked with investors and policy makers to assess innovative and entrepreneurial opportunities, raise funds, and launch new ventures.  For nine years prior, Stacy was with an international management consulting firm.  She holds a BA degree from the University of Minnesota and an MBA from Duke University.

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