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Paul Herman* invented the HIP (Human Impact + Profit) investment ratings methodology in 2004 . Today, HIP Investor measures the sustainability, future risk and investment potential of 6,000 companies globally, and 26,000 governments and non-profits.  HIP’s 32,700 ratings guide investors, foundations, endowments, advisors, fund managers and 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans towards portfolio choices that are more net positive impact on society — while also linking to lower future risk and higher return potential. HIP has advised companies on how to be more sustainable, including Walmart, NIKE, Schwab and ThermoFisher.

Herman’s 2010 book ( The HIP Investor; Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World; published by John Wiley & Sons) is included in 26 university, MBA and MPA curricula worldwide. Herman’s financial acumen was honed at the Wharton School and McKinsey & Co., and he accelerated social entrepreneurs at and Omidyar Network.  Herman’s insights have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, BusinessWeek, CNN, Reuters, and CNBC.

* R. Paul Herman is CEO and a registered representative of HIP Investor Inc., an investment adviser registered in California, Washington, and Illinois.

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