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Pashon Murray, has an unrelenting drive for waste reduction, recycling, and reuse of materials. She is helping to change the carbon footprint of Detroit through revitalizing neighborhoods, finding solutions for everyday waste, and eliminating trips to the landfill. In 2010 Murray co-founded Detroit Dirt, a local composting and biomass collection company that specializes in providing compost and biomass solutions for the metro Detroit community. Detroit Dirt’s closed-loop model process was designed by Murray to help revitalize Detroit. In 2016, she launched Detroit Dirt Foundation, a Detroit-based 501(c)(3) organization that combats environmental deterioration through learning, educating, leading, and serving the public with programs and services on sustainable land utilization, ecosystem remediation, renewable energy practices, and improved waste management.

In May of 2014, Newsweek named Murray as one of its “13 Women in Business to Bet On.”  Murray is also a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab Fellow; she has received recognition from Modern Farmer magazine, was named an award winner by Martha Stewart American Made, and was named as one of ten women in the world to watch by the United Nations Foundation Global Accelerator’s Inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.  She was also named Most Innovative Women in the Food & Wine, and Forbes magazines.

Pashon is a proud Detroiter and believes so many people are doing awesome things throughout the city, and more support is going to come when people of like minds come together for the benefit of the city.  She believes there are many people in Detroit who want to make a difference, support one another and work together to continue to build the new Detroit economy.

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