Marie Zwickert


Corporate Social Responsibility Manager



Marie is responsible for implementing and managing Cisco’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs through public-private partnerships that use technology to create positive, sustainable change in education and workforce development. In this role, Marie manages various technology initiatives for Cisco, including the New York Hall of Science and the Cisco Networking Academy. The Cisco Networking Academy, one of the largest education programs in the world, is recognized globally for its innovative approach to providing ICT skills education to more than 1 million concurrent students in over 165 countries, enabling students to develop valuable information and communication technology skills for increased access to opportunities in the global economy. Since joining Cisco in 2000, Marie collaborates with policy leaders in education, government and business to help them understand the importance of programs like the Cisco Networking Academy in helping America to sustain economic competitiveness and innovation.

Prior to joining Cisco, Marie spent over twenty years in Education and Information Technology.  Marie was an Account Executive for Apple, Sunburst, and Scholastic, where she facilitated computer technology purchases with district superintendents and technology coordinators; she also provided consultation on technology integration for the Pennsylvania State Department of Education and coordinated technology professional development for fifteen schools in Dublin, Ohio, managing a staff of over twenty technologists.

Marie designed and implemented the first statewide educational program in North Carolina for multi-physically handicapped children and was a member of Duke University’s child diagnostic team. In addition, she taught Special Education at Ipswich Public Schools in Ipswich, Massachusetts and was a member of Boston Children’s Hospital child diagnostic team. Marie’s knowledge and experience in education and technology allow her to be a life long learner who continues to be passionate about her career. Marie holds a Master’s degree in Administration/Supervision & Special Educational from Boston University and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education from the Northeastern University.

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