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John Marshall Roberts is an applied behavioral scientist with a gift for transformational engagement. An outspoken advocate for sustainable business, John is founder of Worldview Thinking, a leaders consultancy with a single focus: to help leaders drive change through advanced human insight.

After his bestselling 2008 book “Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries”, John’s research made a quantum leap in 2012 when he cracked the Voice Code. This deceptively simple mind map completes the developmental psychology research of Dr. Clare W. Graves and reveals the natural laws that govern all human decision making.

John’s research has now been successfully used by hundreds of leaders and organizations worldwide. To make the framework easily accessible for decision makers, in 2010 John developed the Roberts Worldview Assessment (RWA)–a breakthrough psychometric tool that measures what really matters for winning hearts and minds. It was through empirical insights gained from the RWA that the Voice Code would eventually emerge, adding profound depth and clarity to our understanding of the invisible levers that drive human influence.

John has been invited to share his research by variety of leading global for profit, non-profit and governmental organizations including the US White House, Unilever, 3M, Sprint, Distributed Energy Financial Group, American Association of Advertising Agencies, IAG Insurance, Steelcase, Time Warner, Presidio, UCLA, TEDx, Johnson and Johnson, Best Western Hotels, General Mills, Royal Plunket Society, Minimonos, and the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

To the chagrin of academic colleagues, John spent his early career in New York and Los Angeles, escaping his behavioral science background in pursuit of his dual passions as a writer and professional musician. As fate would have it, John’s scientific training eventually caught up with him, colliding with his unique talent for passionate self-expression through the discovery and articulation of the Voice Code.

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