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David Ian Gray founded DIG360 to help retail and “retail minded” executives. He has built DIG360 as a solid core team with a truly collaborative network of diverse and talented professionals who share values, ethics and interests.

David is a recognized expert on emerging retail and shopper trends. Senior Executives respect David for his fresh counsel on forces of change, defining customer-relevance, rethinking customer-experience and tailored roadmaps for evolution. Anticipating the future, David delivers insight, provocative questions, and new metaphors as catalysts for reinvention.

For over 27 years, he has had a passion to do what’s right for his clients, a unique ability to spot patterns and opportunities. David has an innate ability to understand the “human” side of change in our clients and tailor an approach to work best with their culture and personalities. He helps organizations become more relevant to the right target audiences and connect deeply to them.

David views Sustainability as part of the Innovation and Quality narratives in retail and consumer brands.  Sustainability is one of the forces of change he identified many years ago as important and enduring, and introduced to retail through writing, speaking, and in the course of his strategic work with executives.

David helped form the first Business School programme in Sustainability (Schulich), authored the first study in Canada on Retail Execs and CSR, helped shape Sustainable Retail events for Retail Council of Canada and The Globe Conference, and was an early support and speaker at Sustainable Brands.

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