Cullen Schwarz


Cofounder and Chief of Good Thoughts



Co-Founder & Chief of Good Thoughts for DoneGood, Cullen believes consumers’ collective purchasing powers is the world’s most underutilized force for change. He’s also a former politico who turned to entrepreneurship so he could stop wearing suits every day. Cullen served as a senior communications advisor in the Obama Administration and for Members of Congress, produced award-winning political TV ads and worked as a grassroots organizer for multiple campaigns for change. Cullen has spent his career building campaigns, organizations, and messaging that helps turn people’s beliefs into action–now he’s doing the same for DoneGood.

Cullen has a degree in philosophy and lives by the teachings of Camus, de Beauvoir and the Dude. He’s passionate about empowering people to engage in direct action and galvanizing the business as a force for good movement. When he retires he plans to “move to the jungle to write books.”

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