Christa Gyori

Leaders on Purpose/SDG Leadership Lab

Co-Founder & CEO



Christa is the CEO and Co-Founder of Leaders on Purpose/SDG Leadership Lab, a multi-sector enterprise that links experts from the corporate world, government, NGOs and academia in support of cross sector partnerships for sustainable development.  She is also the Chief Strategy Officer for EALgreen, an award-winning NGO that transforms end of life products into college scholarships for deserving students. She has worked with leaders in multiple sectors across five continents on sustainable development projects.  Chris’s approach emphasizes the challenges and opportunities related to behavioural change.  Her key area of focus involves human centred design and identifying motivating factors, effective approaches and strategies that inspire change and sustain newly-adopted behaviours.  Chris is the winner of the TED-Unilever Sustainable innovation award and is currently a Professional of Excellence Fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Global Environment.

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