Chris Chappell

Ramblers Way

Director, E-Commerce and Marketing



As director, e-commerce and marketing at Ramblers Way, Chris is responsible for promoting the Ramblers Way story through advertising, PR and social media. He also manages the company’s online presence, including SEO and customer service.

To Chris, Clothing for a Good Life is all about how the individual interprets it. He works to reach Ramblers Way customers with the idea that Ramblers Way creates quality clothing, grounded in the values of sustainable business, with careful thought given to making ethical,environmentally conscious decisions throughout the supply chain. Through this, he believes that the Ramblers Way brand is part of each customer’s definition of what it means to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Chris is a Tom’s of Maine veteran. He ran the Consumer Care division, which included research and product development, consumer insights and packaging design. He also oversaw regulatory affairs and was the main liaison with the Food & Drug Administration attorney’s office. In a previous Tom’s of Maine role, Chris worked in sales, raw materials sourcing and event sponsorship.
Chris holds a BA from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He is a Latin Grammy nominated producer and engineer as well as a musician, songwriter and co-founder of a band, The Incubators. Their new record, A Place for Us, is being released in 2017. Chris is on the board of the Petaluma Music Festival, which raises funds to support music programs in local public schools.

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