Future Trends in Sustainable Retail & How to Succeed in Leading Them

RILA Retail Innovation

This session will examine cutting edge sustainability programs and the data behind them to identify why they fail & how they succeed. All major brands struggle with a wide array of issues when it comes to developing and executing on impactful sustainability programs.

Of the 6 major themes that lead to unsuccessful sustainability programs (1. Lack of Communication, 2. Lack of Strategic Approach, 3. Lack of Data, 4. Lack of Stakeholder Buy-In, 5. Lack of Standardized Programing & 6. Lack in Understanding Connection Between Sustainability and Brand) Communication, Strategy and Data are the most critical to ensure success – 80% of those surveyed identified Poor Communication and Lack of Strategy as the major causes for unsuccessful sustainability plans. Join some of the world’s leading experts on a journey to inspire, educate, engage and empower session attendees to take their brand’s sustainability plans to the next level of impact and influence

Location: Date: May 25, 2017 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Warren Neilson Samuel Shiroff Valerie Martin

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