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Poking the Bear 2.0: Expressions of Brand Purpose in an Age of Polarization

“We can’t afford any unforced errors this [election] year, so we’re playing it safe.” “It’s a hostage situation - with a small but intense minority holding America’s brands hostage.”

These types of statements will sound familiar to ESG and purpose practitioners, many of whom are suffering from what Revolt is calling Purpose Paralysis. It’s the latest condition afflicting America’s purpose, ESG, sustainability, communications and marketing leaders, almost half of whom say their companies have experienced ESG backlash. Symptoms may include feeling a strong urge to go into purpose-related hibernation rather than risk the perceived reputational damage from ‘poking the purpose bear,’ among other things, especially when it comes to the most culturally combustible issues.

This session will explore how companies can most effectively frame efforts in any area bound to one of 2024's ‘hairiest’ issues, how messaging can and should differ between stakeholders (including investors, employees, consumers), and whether there is even a meaningful difference between internal and external in today’s hyper-connected world.

Fractional Chief Strategy Officer, Revolt; Founder,
Green Giants Etc.
Featured Speakers
Executive Strategy Director
Wednesday 8th May
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Ballroom C

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