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 Discover why attending this event is an opportunity you simply can't afford to miss.

As a leader in your field, you understand the critical role that marketing, communication, and sustainability play in driving positive change within your organization and beyond.

Join us and your peers for specialized sessions tailored to CMOs, Senior Marketing Executives, Brand Strategists, Communicators, Creatives, Sustainability, ESG & CSR Leaders at the upcoming SB Brand-Led Culture Change event. Together, let’s explore strategies to empower teams and cultivate thriving environments where innovation and collaboration flourish.

For CMOs, Senior Marketing Executives, and Brand Strategists

We recognize the pivotal role CMOs, brand strategists, and their teams play in co-driving their brand’s sustainability agenda. Gather fresh insights and tools to help you create meaningful change while strengthening ROI, aligning internal teams, and collaborating with C-suite peers.

Don’t miss sessions like:

  • Why Culture is the Most Powerful Vehicle for Influencing Behavior, and How to Harness it
  • Why You Should Have a Head of Brand Purpose and How to Set Them Up for Success
  • Navigating the Risk-Reward Profile of Communicating Too Little or Too Much on Sensitive Issues
  • Leveraging AI in Service of Sustainability Marketing Campaigns
  • Driving Behavioral Shifts and Transformations That Can Last

Featured Speakers

Nadia James

Sustainability Marketing Program Manager 

Dr. Marcus Collins

University of Michigan

Best-Selling Author of

Dr. Anastasia Kārkliņa Gabriel

Sr. Lead of Global Insights

Author of

Dale Green

Global Director – Purpose Marketing


We will shine a spotlight on the invaluable role of creatives and communications professionals in driving inclusive innovation and fostering impactful narratives.

Topics include:

  • The Power of Cultural Intelligence: Leveraging Contextual Insights for Inclusive Innovation
  • The Power of Impactful Partnerships in Driving a Shift toward More Sustainable Behaviors
  • Scary Good Avatars: Customer Profiling Reimagined
  • Navigating the Complexity of Corporate Political Responsibility in 2024

Featured Speakers

Assile Beydoun

Global Sustainability Comms Director
Procter & Gamble
Ben Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong

Environmental Artist and Activist
Von Wong

Shampaigne Graves


Alexis Schwartz

Head of Purpose
The Guardian US

For Sustainability, ESG & CSR Leaders

CSOs and their teams are expected to inform and lead companies toward driving strong, positive real-world impact. This year’s conference equips and enables CSOs to collaborate with various stakeholders and offers insights into best practices.

Dive into sessions such as:

  • Sustainability Leadership Lessons from a Co-Op Model Rooted in Rural Relationships
  • Driving Internal Organizational Alignment and Better Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • How Do We Reduce Plastic Leakage into Oceans by 80% by 2040? Let’s Play a Game to Find Out!

Featured Speakers

Joselynne Fynboh

Global Impact Business and Customer Integration Lead
General Mills

Kristin Edie

VP Enterprise Sustainability
Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Chris Grantham


Laura Kelley

Sr. Manager of Recommerce

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