New Metrics Boot Camp: Strategy & Operations

Strategy & Operations

This year’s New Metrics conference will begin with four orientation boot camps, one for each of the four tracks of the event – Strategy & Operations, Finance & Investor Relations, Supply Chain Management, and HR & Employee Engagement. Each of these four new boot camps is designed to offer a focused guide to understanding and applying New Metrics for the purposes of managing previously-ignored risks and benefits associated with sustainability impacts.

The Strategy & Operations Boot Camp will progress in five parts, as follows: 1. The What: An Introduction to New Metrics in the Context of Strategy & Operations 2. The Why: Making the Business Case for New Metrics 3. The Who: Examples of Notable Case Studies 4. The How: An Overview of Leading Tools for Managing Natural Capital, Renewable Energy, Business Model Innovation, Sustainability Team Productivity, and Context-based Sustainability 5. Issue in Focus: The Road to Context-based Sustainability.

The main objective of this new offering is to consolidate years of existing New Metrics material into a single format that can bring newcomers up to speed over the course of half a day, while also helping experienced practitioners reconnect with the latest trends in the evolution of New Metrics. Boot Camp instructors are recognized leaders in the space who bring carefully-curated world-class content. Each boot camp will be 5.5 hours long, including a coffee break and a lunch break.