Please join us in thanking our valued New Metrics ’17 sponsors and partners. Without their support, New Metrics ’17 would not be possible. Please take a moment to explore the innovative work these organizations are initiating both within their own organizations and through partnership, innovation and service with others.

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At BASF, we create chemistry – and have been doing so for 150 years. As the world’s leading chemical company, we combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of our changing world.


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Since 2005, EcoAct Group has provided the public and private sectors with unique expertise in planning and implementing tailored strategies to make climate a lever for performance. With over 110 experts worldwide, EcoAct Group has offices in Europe (Paris, France – HQ); London, UK;), North America (NYC, USA) and Africa (Nairobi, Kenya).

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559 Labs

We are a technology design studio focused on humanising technology. Our commercial work drives our mission to enable and incubate the growth of creative economies, communities and to create opportunities beyond the traditional global hubs. We believe that there is a lot of amazing talent in the world, and it’s our goal to give it a voice.


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New Metrics ’17 Official Carbon Offset Partner

NatureBank specializes in advisory, technology and impact project investment services that create value and enhance sustainable commodities and ecological assets while managing climate change risk and maximizing long-term investment in nature. We provide our customers with a multidisciplinary approach to manage risk, enhance asset performance and secure commercial returns while improving livelihoods and sustainability.

South Pole Group

Renewable Energy Partner

South Pole Group is a leading provider of climate solutions with a focus on renewable energy. We help public and private actors develop actionable policies and strategies. Our expertise covers climate change-related topics, including forests & land use, water, sustainable cities & buildings, and renewable energy & energy efficiency.


Trucost assesses and prices risks relating to climate change, natural resource constraints and broader ESG factors. Companies and financial institutions use Trucost intelligence to understand exposure to ESG factors, inform resilience and identify the transformative solutions of tomorrow. For more information, visit www.trucost.com.

Supply Shift

Seamlessly gain the intelligence you need to
transform your supply chain

SupplyShift offers a secure state-of-the-art cloud based platform that allows companies to increase upstream supplier visibility / traceability, streamline supplier assessments to assess and reduce risk, make better choices for sustainable procurements, and provide value back to suppliers. Any organization can then use the platform for supplier benchmarking, ensuring supplier compliance, data visualization, and supplier engagement.

Cool Choices

Cool Choices partners with businesses to design and implement engagement programs. Participants are inspired to embrace sustainable practices that increase profitability. As behavior change experts we are obsessed with results; our mission-driven team helps businesses accelerate their sustainability efforts by creating a culture where sustainable practices are the norm. For more information, visit us at www.coolchoices.com.


Vertaeon’s analytics solutions aggregate data from multiple supplier and market sources and apply advanced analytics including predictive modeling to generate cost-saving and risk-reducing insights. Via supply chain analytics solution, Vertaeon offers a web-based integrated platform to track supplier performance, risk factors and spend. The resulting comprehensive assessment develops actionable steps towards supplier sustainability, sector benchmarking, spend optimization and enterprise risk mitigation. For more information, visit us at www.vertaeon.com.


A revolution for the Sustainable Material Economy is underway in the city of Philadelphia. Be sure to see how the team at recyte™ technologies can help your company utilize a new Sustainable Raw Material that can have a direct positive impact on your sustainability metrics.

UN Global Compact Network USA

Major Affiliate Partner

Wharton-led, Penn-wide, Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership

The Wharton-led, Penn-wide, Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership (IGEL), promotes knowledge for business sustainability through world-class research, transformative teaching and constructive dialogue between top alumni, academic, corporate, government, and non-government organizations. IGEL is the business sustainability hub at Wharton.


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