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New Metrics ’17 has been designed to benefit everyone from NGOs and small business owners, to CEOs and global brand leaders. Customize your experience by selecting the topics that relate to your professional goals and find the sessions that fit your needs. Join hundreds of global business leaders and dive into the quantifiable, data-driven aspects of sustainability and social impact initiatives within your role to drive your business forward.


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What You Will Learn:

  • How to highlight ESG risks and opportunities to CFOs and CEOs, and convince them to prioritize action on sustainability
  • How to calculate and communicate your company’s total triple-bottom-line contribution to society
  • How to estimate potential revenue opportunities associated with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • How to make the most of internal carbon pricing and external carbon finance schemes
  • What the future holds for corporate accounting, reporting and supporting data management activities

Who Comes to SB Conferences:

  • Avery Denisson | Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Bloomberg | Global Head, Sustainable Business & Finance
  • Campbell Soup Company | Vice President – Investor Relations
  • Closed Loop Fund | Co-founder and Managing Director
  • Eileen Fisher, Inc. | Controller: Retail Divison
  • HIP Investor Ratings + Portfolios | CEO
  • Johnson & Johnson | Vice President, Finance
  • Interface, Inc. | Sr. Business Analyst
  • Morgan Stanley | CEO, Institute for Sustainable Investing
  • REI | Manager, FP&A

Learn from 75+ Speakers, Including:

Daryl Brewster

Libby Bernick
Global Head of Corporate Business
Trucost, part of S&P Dow Jones Indices

Dr. Sean Stein Smith
Assistant Professor
Lehman College (CUNY)

Katie Schmitz Eulitt
Strategic Advisor, Stakeholder Outreach


What You Will Learn:

  • What steps large multinationals can take toward becoming benefit corporation and B Corps
  • How to set science-based context-sensitive goals using the latest releases of top-notch tools
  • How new collaborations are coming up with promising new quality-of-life metrics and pathways to greatest impact for multiple stakeholders
  • What The Trust Index is and how it can inform a company’s responses to challenging times and messy circumstances
  • What “crowdsource-cleaning” is and how it can unlock valuable new avenues for consumer engagement

Who Comes to SB Conferences:

  • Boy Scouts of America | Corporate Engagement Team Leader
  • Burt’s Bees | Director, Sustainable Business & Innovation
  • Cabot Strategies, LLC | President
  • Dell | Principal Environmental Strategist
  • DSM | Corporate Sustainability Manager
  • Eastman | Manager Sustainability Strategic Initiatives
  • Futerra | CEO, North America
  • Indiegogo | Cause Director
  • Johnson & Johnson | Global Marketing Director
  • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants | Brand Manager
  • Microsoft Corporation | Cheif Environmental Strategist

Learn from 75+ Speakers, Including:

Laura Palmeiro
Sustainability Integration Director

Jeff Kirschner
Founder & CEO

Kim Coupounas
B Lab

John Powers
VP Strategic Renewables
Renewable Choice Energy


What You Will Learn:

  • How chemical transparency and footprinting have evolved in recent months and what new tools can help companies navigate potential risks
  • How to engage supply chain partners for purpose of achieving ambitious sustainability goals
  • What new tools and partnerships are enabling unprecedented levels of transparency throughout the supply chain
  • How to apply blockchain technology for increased visibility over supply chains through "digital feedstocks"
  • How SMEs can position themselves to be suppliers of choice for large brands looking to be sustainability leaders

Who Comes to SB Conferences:

  • Avery Dennison | Materials Controller Manager
  • CDP | Account Manager, Supply Chain
  • Dell | Global Supply Chain Sustainability
  • IKEA | Analyst
  • Intel Corporation | Supply Chain Sustainability Sr. Manager
  • ISEAL Alliance | Director of Communications and Development
  • Mars Incorporated | Cocoa Sustainability Manager
  • IKEA Group | Sustainability Innovation Manager
  • Sedex | Head of Communications & Marketing
  • UL EHS Sustainability | Director, Business Development and CSR Core Council

Learn from 75+ Speakers, Including:

Peter Girard
CEO & Co-Founder

Michelle Lapinski
Vice President
The Earth Genome

John Schulz
Director, Sustainabilty Integration

Kate Dillon Levin
Vice President of Marketing and Sales

What You Will Learn:

  • What the latest science and experiential data are telling us about business-compatible paths to individual and collective happiness
  • How to activate employees in service to the SDGs and measure the value of respective volunteering and human development
  • What ‘employee activism’ means for HR departments and how to evolve internal programs from employee engagement to employee fulfillment
  • How to think of the connection between employee engagement as traditionally defined by HR and employee engagement in the context of sustainability
  • How to structure and execute future-proof fossil-free 401k plans for employees of all generations

Who Comes to SB Conferences:

  • Albury Inter-Brand/National Assembly | Corporate Brand Manager
  • American Water | HR Manager
  • Coca-Cola | Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights
  • Caesars Entertainment Corporation | Vice President Sustainability & Corporate Citizenship
  • Humanscale | Sustainability Officer
  • PLASTARC | Founder & Executive Director
  • PwC | Director, PwC Sustainable Business Solutions
  • stok | Principal
  • The Human Value Institute | Managing Director
  • Virgin Atlantic | Manager – Fuel Efficiency Programme
  • Voya Financial | Director of Corporate Responsibility

Learn from 75+ Speakers, Including:

Grady Lee
Co-Founder and Chair of the Executive Committee

Katie Excoffier
Sustainability Manager

Jeff Senne
Corporate Responsibility Strategy and Implementation Leader

Susan Hunt Stevens
Founder & CEO





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