Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Continuously Evolving Materiality Assessments

Technological innovation is disrupting 21st century business models. It is transforming entire systems of production, management and governance, fundamentally altering the way companies engage with and are perceived by stakeholders. Coupled with the rising demand for more information on a company’s governance, strategic direction, operations and decisions by a wider set of stakeholders, this revolution requires an integrated, comprehensive and continuous response from business. Leveraging new forms of technology and Big Data analytics is one way to do this. Attend this talk to learn how some of the world’s leading companies are applying a data-driven approach to their materiality assessments and risk management processes – and how investors are digesting the same data to monitor non-financial performance.

Location: Millenium Ballroom Date: November 15, 2017 Time: 3:10 pm - 3:25 pm Marjella Alma