Bill Baue

Reporting 3.0

Co-Founder & Senior Director



As a Co-Founder and Senior Director of the Reporting 3.0 Platform (R3), Bill Baue designs Blueprints in Reporting, Accounting, Data, and New Business Models that gather “Positive Maverick” Working Groups to vet Recommendations on next-generation practices that companies pilot (in the Beta Testing Program) to create off-the-shelf solutions. R3’s theory of change is that disclosure can serve as a fulcrum for leveraging transformations at the micro- (company & community) level, meso- (industry, portfolio, and habitat) level, and macro- (economic, ecological, and social systems) level. R3’s end-goal is to spur the emergence of a regenerative and distributive global economy.

As an internationally recognized expert on ThriveAbility, Sustainability Context, and Online Stakeholder Engagement, Bill Baue designs systemic transformation at global, company, and community levels. A serial entrepreneur, he’s co-founded a number of companies and initiatives:
• Convetit, an online collaborative innovation platform;
• Sustainability Context Group, a global community of thought leaders and practitioners who advocate for Context-Based Sustainability;
• ThriveAbility Foundation, which is designing a multicapital operating system for a regenerative, inclusive global economy;
• Sea Change Radio, a globally syndicated podcast on sustainability.

Baue has worked with diverse organizations including AccountAbility, Audubon, Ceres, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, GE, Harvard, Merck, UNCTAD, UNEP, Walmart, Worldwatch Institute. He serves on the Technical Advisory Group of the Science Based Targets initiative and is a Senior Advisor to Preventable Surprises. He blogs for Sustainable Brands, where he also helps curate the #NewMetrics Conference.

He lives in a cohousing community in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts with his wife Jiyanna, where his daughters Clara, Emma, and Aoife visit on college breaks.

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