Apply to Speak at Brand-Led Culture Change

Sustainable Brands attracts a noteworthy roster of speakers from around the world, with backgrounds in sustainability, storytelling, product innovation, corporate leadership and more. Last year’s flagship event featured CXOs from global brands, entrepreneurs, leaders from mission-driven non-profits, best-selling authors, and adventurers—some of the most influential names in sustainability and regenerative business.

We welcome inspirational speakers who can contribute to the advancement of brand transformation and sustainability as a result of their unique experience, knowledge base, or novel approaches to solving today’s biggest challenges. Nominators and candidates are invited to submit a Speaker Application. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and will be evaluated in the context of themes and initiatives set by our Program Development team. The cut-off date for applications is typically three months in advance of an event, but may be modified to accommodate especially compelling and relevant topics for a specific event.

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