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Apply to Speak at SB Brand-Led Culture Change

Speaker Nomination

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2024.

Please read carefully – Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal to our program. We are grateful for your contributions, and value your time and effort!

Due to the sheer volume of submissions we receive, less than 5% are approved. We review every submission, but can only respond to those that align with the program objectives.

To increase your chances of being accepted, please familiarize yourself with the program theme, and highlight how your proposal would benefit our community. If your proposal is chosen, you will hear back from us no later than March 2024. We appreciate your understanding.

This year’s SB Brand-Led Culture Change will explore the forefront of driving positive behavior and culture change through the power of brand influence. Our main objective is to offer research and strategic tools for brands to utilize their brand power to influence and grow sustainable consumer demand for products and services while promoting sustainable lifestyles and creating positive social and environmental impact. 

We honor diversity and encourage proposals to include panellists from different lenses and lived experiences.

The program will be divided into three tracks:

  • Unpacking Consumer Trends – Understanding the landscape of consumer behaviors as it relates to sustainable lifestyles. What actionable insights have been highlighted in your industry that describe consumer sentiments and behavior?

  • Driving Behavior Change at Scale – Influencing people toward more sustainable choices that close the intention-action gap. Has your brand been able to successfully achieve measurable change? We would love to hear how this has been done and what tools could others use in their own organizations to succeed.

  • Culture Changing Communications – Environmental and societal sustainability storytelling that inspires and enables practical progress toward the future we want. How has your organization changed their communication assets or amplified messaging to successfully achieve this?

We welcome inspirational speakers who can contribute to the advancement of brand transformation and sustainability as a result of their unique experience, knowledge base, or novel approaches to solving today’s biggest challenges. Nominators and candidates are invited to submit a Speaker Application. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and will be evaluated in the context of themes and initiatives set by our Program Development team. The cut-off date for applications is typically three months in advance of an event, but may be modified to accommodate especially compelling and relevant topics for a specific event.