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Tackling the Social Isolation Crisis through ‘Togetherland’ and the ‘Seen Transition’

This workshop is a continuation of John Havens’ main-stage talk from earlier in the day. Recognizing that social connection is what's needed to help address the world's loneliness and isolation epidemic, this session is designed to ‘train the trainer’ so that anyone can use the ‘Togetherland’ method of reaching and engaging isolated friends, colleagues or neighbors.

The workshop consists of:

  • An Introduction and Instruction section, introducing attendees to basic concepts
  • An Exercise, demonstrating what social connection feels like and how to communicate it
  • A Q&A period, discussing how to further embed the experience of social connection in a variety of contexts
  • A Life Satisfaction and Social Connection Survey, showing how one can scientifically measure key dimensions of social connection
Featured Speakers
Director, Planet Positive 2030
The IEEE Standards Association
Friday 10th May
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Ballroom A

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