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Regenerating Agriculture at Scale – A Case Study from Farm to Fork

The future of farming is regenerative. In many ways, the agriculture industry is just beginning to see innovative partnerships across the food value chain really take shape to drive lasting and scalable change. What does a collaboration like this look like in practice? What challenges arise and what opportunities can be embraced? Go behind the scenes with Bayer Crop Science, Perdue Agribusiness, and ClimatePartner as they share learnings from their work with farmers to expand regenerative agriculture practices, quantify emissions along the value chain, and lower the carbon intensity of products, while meeting strategic business objectives for all. A win-win is possible, but how?

Key Takeaways

  • The role of regenerative agriculture in combating climate change
  • What a successful collaboration across the food value chain can look like
  • What challenges might you face and how can those best be combatted
  • What role the latest technology and data play in setting farms and business up for success and tracking real impact
  • The important role consumer desires play
Featured Speakers
Manager of Agronomy and Conservation
Engel Family Farms
Engel Family Farms
SVP Global Commercial Ecosystems
SVP – Value Added Products, Perdue Farms
Perdue Farms Inc
Perdue Farms Inc
Head of ClimatePartner USA
Session Sponsor
Wednesday 18th October
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Town & Country Ballroom C



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