The “Make it Better” Mindset

In an increasingly fast-paced and resource depleted world, innovation is very much driven by sustainability which has become a competitive advantage for any company that wants to be a leader in its industry. At VF Corporation — together with our portfolio of brands — sustainability and innovation go hand in hand and create new and exciting business opportunities. Napapijri is a living example of this mindset: a powerful brand, able to inspire and bring ‘the good life’ within VF by its commitment to Animal Welfare.

Starting from a vision and embracing product innovation that positively impacts our world, Napapijri’s ‘Make it Better’ mindset provides a prime example of how a purpose can shape a brand and Corporate agenda translating words into actions. Make it Better is Napapijri’s way to ‘redefining the good life’ and it is not just a claim – it embodies a new way of thinking, designing and creating products that integrate sustainability and innovation at every step of the way.

Napapijri and VF will join forces at Sustainable Brands ’17 Copenhagen to share how the brand’s commitment to Animal Welfare shaped the agenda at VF Corporation and set a completely new standard on animal welfare. Anna Maria Rugarli, Senior Director Sustainability & Responsibility VF EMEA and Rob Herdman, Global Senior Manager Media & PR at Napapijri will have a conversation on stage to explain how a strong purpose and a strong commitment can really drive change not just at brand and corporate level.

“Napapijri is a great example of how, no matter the size of the brand, a thoughtful purpose and a strong set of values can change and shape the conversation: at VF we appreciate brands like Napapijri and we work with them to elevate their commitment to reach a higher impact” states Anna Maria Rugarli. “At Napapijri we are very proud of the accomplishments we have been able to make under the “Make it better” philosophy — says Rob Herdman –  At its core is very simple and organic message that has been very easy to communicate internally and for everyone to buy into.  We have been on a journey these past 5 years, many times along the way there have been obstacles and challenges but having a common philosophy has really allowed us move through these challenges”.

The result is a comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy published by VF and a set of completely new products created by Napapijri, not just animal friendly but so innovative that consumers are experiencing higher levels of product performances; making it better for our people, our planet and our consumers.

“We are delighted to be able to share this amazing story at Sustainable Brands Copenhagen — continues Anna Maria Rugarli — back in 2012, when Napapijri started its journey towards fur free, this commitment opened new opportunities and perspectives to VF as well. Brands like Napapijri are the tangible example of how an ideal can be turned into reality, redefining the good life!”


Anna Maria Rugarli
Sustainability & Responsibility Senior Director
VF International
October 12, 2017

Rob Herdman
Global Senior Manager Media & PR

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