How Good Chemistry Can Flourish Through Brands and Biomaterials

At Sustainability Consult, we believe that responsible development of renewable chemistry and a transition from fossil fuels to bio-based materials can play an important role in decarbonising society. Raising awareness of the materials in supply chains promotes responsible chemicals, so we’re proud to have been one of the first companies to bring the Bio Revolution to Sustainable Brands […]

Earning Trust Through Transparency

Trust. It can sound a lot like a buzzword or business jargon. A word or phrase thrown around by leaders when trying to identify, define or solve a problem. Sometimes it’s not even a consideration until it’s lost. According to the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer study, only about half of the general population trusts business, […]

Seeing Ocean Plastic as Money

We all witness numerous ‘campaigns’ that raise awareness for Ocean plastic. We gather thousands of volunteers to perform beach clean-ups. We have endless conversations around the atrocious impact of Ocean plastic on our planet. While such actions are important for the recognition of this global issue, beach clean-ups and ocean trawls do not alleviate the […]

The “Make it Better” Mindset

In an increasingly fast-paced and resource depleted world, innovation is very much driven by sustainability which has become a competitive advantage for any company that wants to be a leader in its industry. At VF Corporation — together with our portfolio of brands — sustainability and innovation go hand in hand and create new and […]

Collaborating for Sustainable Urban Logistics Solutions

Cities today are more congested than ever, and growing more crowded every day. The United Nations reports that more than half of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas, with more than two-thirds expected to call cities home by 2050. Many city centers are already experiencing the challenges of this population shift, including increased […]

Creating Value for Society and The Environment

For many years, people lived by the motto: the bigger the better. Shopping the latest trends equaled with having a good life. More and more today the meaning of the good life is changing, we as consumers want to know the impact of goods we purchase or order on our planet and on us, the […]

Redefining the Good Life: Expanding the Conversation at SB’17 Copenhagen

In 2017, Sustainable Brands launched a 3-year initiative to explore our global societal aspirations and frame a conversation about how we can rethink what the ‘Good Life’ means for a healthy individual, family, community, city, country and planet. We launched this initiative in May in Detroit, Michigan, the iconic center of the American Industrial Age. […]