Program Highlights

SB’17 Copenhagen sparks and enables transformational leadership at the personal, organizational and economic systems level to support reflection, ideation and action. By creating and curating an optimal environment for the discovery of tools, methodologies and partners to create new kinds of shared value, we bring the full system into the room. Through a connected program of learning and co-creation, SB’17 Copenhagen equips attendees to drive business success and positive impact through powerful plenaries, breakouts, deep dives, the dynamic Activation Hub, and numerous community networking events that foster sustainability-led innovation.

Thought leader insights providing the fast-track to understanding the latest trends and drivers.

    Featured Plenaries Include:

Vanessa Rothschild

Vanessa Rothschild, ‎Sustainability Business Controller at H&M, will present the strategy that launched their groundbreaking ClimatePositive initiative, how it’s building strong brand loyalty amongst consumers, and what it takes for an entire organization to back the initiative.

Chris Grantham

Chris Grantham, Circular Economy Portfolio Director at IDEO, will present his fascinating work on the importance of mindset change in developing a successful circular product strategy. Learn the role of regeneration, abundance, and rethinking the current linear system in developing a thriving circular economy that all businesses can tap into.

Robert Weston

Rob Weston, Brand and Marketing Director of Marks and Spencer, will explain how encouraging customers to live a life spent well can drive business and brand value, leading to increased sales growth, customer, supplier and employee loyalty and investor confidence and support.

Loa Dalgaard

Loa Dalgaard Worm, Director of FSC Denmark, will present groundbreaking new research on taking consumer engagement to the next level. Learn how to communicate SDG goals and business metrics in ways that connects to consumers and shifts loyalty and behavior, taps into global consumer awareness, and positions company products in powerful ways in order to bring more benefits from sustainability efforts and much stronger brand value.

Subject matter explorations to understand and solve topical business challenges.

    Featured Breakouts Include:

Jane Davidson

Jane Davidson, Pro-Vice Chancellor External Engagement and Sustainability at the University of Wales, will explore what it takes to brand an entire country as sustainable and what role legislation might play in offering an attraction to companies with similar philosophies to settle there and contribute towards a better life for society. Jane will delve into the importance of a level playing field and an opportunity to market products and services in an entirely different way.

Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon

Alexandra Mihailescu Cichon, Head of Sales and Marketing at RepRisk, will provide detailed research into how ESG is linked to a company’s operational excellence. Learn practical examples and case studies of how ESG and reputational risks can be managed in day-to-day business and best practices in risk management, investment management, corporate sustainability, and ESG supply chain management.

Saskia Van Gendt

Saskia Van Gendt, Captain Planet of method + Ecover along with other members of the B Lab community will provide a detailed view of the value of B Corp certification, how the movement has evolved and the massive potential for values-led business. Saskia will present on the initiatives that make People Against Dirty one of the foremost B Corps in the world, and how this designation has helped the company achieve tremendous business success.

Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood

Dr. Robin Lincoln Wood, Author of Synergise!: 21st Century Leadership, will walk us through the incredible possibilities for success in the next few decades, while offering practical methods and tools that enable us to adapt and replicate the millions of breakthroughs all around us. He will also explore some of the biggest challenges we all face right now: What does the future hold for our species? How can we crack the code of the Anthropocene Enigma? What can you do to thrive in your life and work in these times?

Half day, deep dive studios to help you turn ideas into action.

    Featured Deep Dive Sessions Include:

Leith Sharp

Leith Sharp of Harvard University along with London School of Economics and the World Bank will explore the business imperative of purpose driven leadership, organizational design and what is emerging as a new leadership paradigm for purpose driven, flow state organizations.

Will Hill

Will Hill, Creative Director of Long Run Works, will shares the six cultural opportunities that transform a company’s good ideas into ones that boost brand value, capture audience attention and win the support they deserve in a fast-moving world.

Nikolaus Raupp

Nikolaus Raupp, Global Sustainability Manager Dispersions & Pigments at BASF, will share a scalable and holistic approach to changing product composition from the first instance of production, vastly improving business value. Nikolaus and partners will focus on the “Biomass Balance” approach to boost the circular economy and make it a win-win for suppliers and customers.

An interactive marketplace where companies collaborate and find partners and solutions they need to address sustainability/CSR challenges.

Shaping the Future of Commerce Worldwide

The Activation Hub at SB’17 Copenhagen will serve as an action-centered environment that enables conversations and drives productive partnerships between companies and organizations that share a commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable economy of the future. Our Innovation Labs, facilitated in each pavilion by the world’s top innovators and insight generators — including Futerra, Forum for the Future, The Earthkind Company and others will be at the core of the Activation Hub. Together, we will take ideas and inspiration from conference programming to create real-world conditions and connections for meaningful collaboration beyond the conference itself.

The collaborative environment of the Activation Hub facilitates deeper learning, conversation and networking, allowing everyone to engage on a more personal level through innovation labs, lounges, networking events and more.

Featuring Innovation Lab Pavilions:
Good Food
Good Fashion
Good Homes
Good Cities
Good Mobility
Good Chemistry/Materials/Packaging
Good Supply Chains
Good Energy

Networking events designed to connect you with the right partners

Network with Brand Innovators

This is where the networking really happens. Relax at the beautiful Radisson Blu Scandinavian Hotel and enjoy the company of old friends and acquaintances. Connect with peers around a topic of shared interest while you sit down for an engaging conversation at one of the many Birds of a Feather dinners or talk over drinks during our Welcoming receptions in the Activation Hub. From the moment you arrive, to the minute you leave; take advantage of the endless opportunities to network. Come rested and ready to connect!


  • Opening Night Plenary
  • Welcome Reception
  • Activation Hub & Innovation Lab Activities
  • Birds of a Feather Dinners and Meet-ups
  • Sponsored Breakfast & Lunch Presentations
  • And much more to be announced…


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