Reporting 3.0: The Next Generation Blueprint for a Regenerative, Distributive Economy Reporting 3.0


Business Model Innovation

Do you think current CSR / ESG / “Sustainability” practices are fit-to-purpose for transforming corporate practice and structure (at the micro-level) and economic system design (at the macro-level) necessary to solve the unfolding ecological and social crises? Neither does Reporting 3.0 (R3) and its network of positive mavericks. R3 Co-Founders Ralph Thurm and Bill Baue will outline how reporting can serve as the fulcrum to leverage this transformative change, and how Reporting 3.0 spans the entire disclosure value chain, with Blueprints in Reporting, Accounting, Data, and New Business Models that generate Recommendations on next-generation practices, vetted by expert Working Groups. And they will present case studies and pilot projects that create opportunities for you to join the Beta Testing Program (that pilots Blueprint Recommendations), Advocation Program (for consultancies to support this piloting), and Academic Alliance (to ground the Recommendations in empirical and action research).  

Location: Stockholm Room Date: November 1, 2017 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Ralph Thurm Josephine Matthews Bill Baue Glenn Frommer