Ralph Thurm

OnCommons gGmbH

Managing Director



Ralph Thurm is a leading professional in sustainable innovation and strategy, operational sustainability, sustainability change management, sustainability reporting, and ThriveAbility. With more than 25 years experience working for major corporates, industry federations, governments, NGOs and advisory services globally, Ralph adds value as a advisor, trainer, facilitator, moderator and writer on a huge variety of sustainability topics. He is the Founder & Managing Director of A|HEAD|ahead, a management advisory focused on sustainable transformation and strategic positioning. Ralph is a frequent blogger at www.aheadahead.wordpress.com, a very personal logbook on sustainable change.

In 2012 Ralph co-founded the Reporting 3.0 Platform, instigating change towards a decision-useful new reporting impetus for a green, inclusive & open economy. He was also appointed as the first Managing Director of OnCommons gGmbH, the not-for profit home of the Reporting 3.0 Platform.

Earlier, Ralph accepted roles as Director Engagement at GISR and as senior advisor at various organizations and networks, including UNIDO, the Dutch Transparency Benchmark, Turntoo and Katerva. Ralph was a co-founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation (2013 – 2017) and co-authored ‘A Leader’s Guide to ThriveAbility’.

Working in teams and networks with people who take on the challenge to make this world a better place and ensure a bright future for the next generations is an enriching experience for Ralph.

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