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Exclusively for SB Corporate Members

Join us at the New Metrics ‘17 Member Meeting on November 13th, where sustainability and brand heroes will gather with champions from their finance departments. At our annual New Metrics Meeting, we will explore how companies can leverage purpose-driven initiatives for financial transformation.

At this meeting, Corporate Members will learn how sustainability is driving greater profitability, what you need to be communicating to your finance team when proposing opportunities, the language they wish you spoke, and more. Mark your calendars and begin inviting your finance colleagues to this special SB Corporate Member Meeting.

To earn CFO approval, buy-in, and support for a significant initiative, sustainability champions need to show how their proposed project will be good for the company, as well as good for the environment and society. They need to engage with management to co-create a business case that shows how the environmental or social initiative activates the company’s purpose and quantifies how it will help grow revenue, save on operational and human resources expenses, enhance assets’ values, improve market value, and / or mitigate risks.

In this member meeting, Bob Willard, globally recognized guru on the business case for sustainability, will dive deeper into his sixth book, “Sustainability ROI Workbook” and show the members how to use a new, free, open-source e-book to build a cost-benefit analysis for a single sustainability initiative, a cluster of initiatives, or all categories of initiatives that collectively would enable the whole company, a company division, or a company location to be more, or truly, sustainable.

Additional guest speakers will share member initiatives around how their finance and sustainability teams work together to create a purpose driven and profitable business, their Integrated Reporting process, and spark group discussion around key lessons, provoking frank conversations.

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Location: 33rd Floor Date: November 13, 2017 Time: 8:00 am - 2:30 pm Corporate Members