We value human capital. What does it mean to demonstrate it?

“If we don’t destroy life on this planet before we discover how to make it possible for man to utilize his abilities to create a world in which he can live in peace, it is possible that the next half century will bring the most dramatic social changes in human history.” ― Douglas McGregor, The […]

5 New Metrics Trends You Can’t Miss

The New Metrics community has been growing and maturing for several years now – ever since Sustainable Brands convened the first set of New Metrics conversations in the fall of 2011. The field has evolved tremendously since then, and the annual New Metrics conference continues to bring the cutting edge of thought leadership, practical tools […]

The Trust Index: Exploring the Critical and Notorious Question of Trust

A sustainable business requires consumer acceptance of your products, support across the value chain, and a strong business model pulling—and keeping—it all together. Sounds great. But how do you know if your company has these? A strong business model is easy to track. From accounting to finance, there is no shortage of standardized metrics to […]

Introducing New Metrics ’17 Boot Camps

Sustainable Brands is excited to introduce the New Metrics ’17 Boot Camps—a new set of educational courses on applying New Metrics to four critical business functions: Strategy & Operations, Finance & Investor Relations, Supply Chain Management, and HR & Employee Engagement—at this year’s New Metrics Conference. Each of these four new Boot Camps will offer […]

When “I Don’t Know” is the Most Powerful Answer in Sustainability

Since 2009, The Sustainability Consortium has worked towards making the business case for the production of more sustainable consumer products. We have created systems and metrics that capture the rise of companies committed to increased visibility in their visible supply chains. But with the increase in suppliers using our surveys each year, we’re seeing a […]

Winning in the Marketplace and Workplace by Engaging Employees in Sustainability

Engaged employees lead to better business outcomes. As companies look for ways to boost employee engagement, they are focusing on job purposing—the concept of linking an organization’s purpose and an individuals’ job to society contribution. And, job purposing increasingly includes sustainability-focused employee engagement. However, despite the rapid evolution and uptake of this practice, many companies […]

Why Some of the Most Successful Companies Fail

As the Director of CECP’s Strategic Investor Initiative, an effort to shift trillions in investor assets to companies that move away from the current myopic focus on short-term results, and adopt and communicate long-term strategies that integrate financially material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, the question I’m asked often is, "What’s the connection between […]

The Art & Science of Getting BPA Out of Our Products

The most recent damning report on BPA from the Center for Environmental Health documented the current use of BPA in can linings and found that 38% of the cans tested from four large national retail chains — Kroger, Albertsons, Dollar Tree, and 99 Cents Only — still use BPA-containing linings. They also found that, in […]