Katja Freiwald


Global Partnerships and Advocacy


Katja Freiwald has been working with Unilever for over 10 years and has built her career around a broad expertise in consumer and B2B marketing. She leads on developing the advocacy and partnerships strategies on the areas of women and livelihoods, and has extensive experience in developing and implementing several successful partnerships with organisations such as: UN Women, WFP, IFAD, GAIN, PSI, STC, Oxfam, Acumen and multiple governmental organizations such as GIZ and the Dutch Government.

Katja uses her marketing expertise to the overall development of partnerships supporting behavioural change campaigns as well as seeking innovative business models delivering sustainable development for business and communities. She has managed the various multi-million dollar partnerships Unilever has with different NGOs and UN agencies to create the greatest possible joint impact for project intervention areas.

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