Christa Gyori

Leaders on Purpose/SDG Leadership Lab

Co-Founder & CEO



Christa Gyori is Co-Founder & CEO of Leaders on Purpose, a multi-sector enterprise dedicated to sustainable development. Working in a multi-national organization (Unilever), a non-profit (EAL Green) and with an executive education program (Harvard), Chris has developed a unique ability to connect leaders across a wide variety of sectors. In 2016, she co-founded LOP with colleagues from Harvard, the World Bank and the London School of Economics. This team links experts from the corporate world, government, non-profit and academia in support of unleashing organizational potential through purpose driven leadership. A founding member of Unilever FSNA Sustainability Council, Chris has worked with leaders across five continents on various sustainable development projects. Chris’s key area of focus is strategic human-centered design, identifying motivating factors and strategies that inspire change and sustain newly-adopted behaviors. She is the winner of the TED-Unilever Sustainable innovation award and is currently a “Professional of Excellence” at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Global Environment.

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