Geoff Kendall

Future-Fit Foundation

CEO & Co-Founder



Geoff is an entrepreneur whose experience spans sustainability consulting, high-tech startups, and academic research. He holds a PhD in artificial intelligence, and has co-founded two software businesses, the second of which was acquired by a global technology company. Geoff switched careers in 2010, joining London-based think-tank SustainAbility. For four years he led the communications team and helped some of the world’s biggest corporations develop more sustainable business models. In so doing he realized that there was no reliable way to measure the gap between where a company is now and where it needs to be to become truly sustainable, and he wanted to fix that. So in early 2014 Geoff co-founded the Future-Fit Foundation: a non-profit whose mission is to equip companies and investors with the means to understand how – and how much – they must change the way they do business in pursuit of a flourishing future.

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