Farrell Calabrese

Sustainability and Social Impact Leader
Crowe LLP

Farrell has a career spanning over two decades in communications, design, innovation, and corporate sustainability. She has honed her leadership skills to accelerate the performance of purpose-driven teams and organizations by inspiring visions for a more sustainable future and accelerating the positive impact that individuals and organizations can make.

Her unique career trajectory has given her the ability to develop business frameworks that simplify complex topics and ensure progress at scale. Farrell's knack for engaging, educating, and coaching others to see themselves as part of the solution, leveraging the creativity, knowledge, and diverse perspectives within the business environment enables her to maximize results.

As the Director of Purpose and Sustainability at Crowe, Farrell applies her expertise in strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and social and environmental impact strategies to drive meaningful change. As the Chair of the Crowe Foundation, she manages a $4M budget that channels resources into activities that enhance good health and well-being, reduces inequalities, and fosters responsible production and consumption habits.

Farrell's dedication to creating a positive impact, both within the organizations she works for and across society, looks for efficiencies in one's business operations while enhancing human experiences. She firmly believes in intentionally designing the world we want to live in and promotes education and agency in ones individual decision making and habits, so that over time, they will scale collectively to positively impact people, society, our environment, and ultimately our connected world.

Track: Culture Changing Communications

As a brand embarks on a purpose journey, internal culture can be a catalyst or a cumbrance. Yet brands often spend significantly more effort communicating externally than aligning internally. Hear from leaders... see more

Wednesday 24th May
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM



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