Redefining the Good Life: Expanding the Conversation at SB’17 Copenhagen

In 2017, Sustainable Brands launched a 3-year initiative to explore our global societal aspirations and frame a conversation about how we can rethink what the ‘Good Life’ means for a healthy individual, family, community, city, country and planet.

We launched this initiative in May in Detroit, Michigan, the iconic center of the American Industrial Age. In Detroit, an important chapter in our global history was born, flourished, died, and is now being reinvented. The city served as the starting point of our community’s conversation around Redefining the Good Life. Now, the conversation is continuing around the world to cities on 6 continents as we imagine the products, services, businesses and infrastructure that will deliver a sustainably flourishing future for all.

Redefining, Redesigning and Delivering The Good Life

Now more than ever we must envision a better world, and the SB community is collectively called upon to redefine, redesign and deliver a new future, starting with individual and societal aspirations that point us all toward real happiness. Together we will illustrate how the brand leaders of the future can respond through learning, co-creation and innovation that brings the whole system into conversation to imagine what Good Homes and Good Cities, Good Food and Fashion, Good Entertainment, Good Logistics and Good Packaging, and much more will look like as the century unfolds to meet the 2030 Global Goals. In Copenhagen, we’ll explore how to communicate these efforts in ways that resonate with consumers. We’ll learn about the progress that brand leaders are making in aligning with the SDGs, how to become a transformational leader, how to build a circular economy and the research behind all of these efforts that points to a business case for doing good.

Tangible, Purpose-Driven Results

Our community of brand innovators has been trying and testing new frameworks, methods, tools and partnerships to ensure purpose-driven brands outperform traditional brands in delivering tangible business results. Experience and participate in this effort to identify how global brands and disruptive innovators are redefining ‘good’ from an internal perspective as well as in the delivery of their customer-facing products and services.

This year, be a part of the community that brings the entire system into conversation to mobilize your brand to action and find your path to 21st century success. Now a global community of more 1 million business leaders operating around the world, Sustainable Brands is home to courageous optimists who are reshaping the future of commerce worldwide. Connect with them in person this October at SB’17 Copenhagen and help us drive forward a global effort to Redefine the Good Life and contribute to a flourishing future for all. Find other SB events holding conversations around Redefining the Good Life at

Nassy Avramidis
Content Development Manager
Sustainable Brands
August 18, 2017

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