Innovation Labs – Good Homes: Transparent By Design, Hosted by SC Johnson

Innovation Lab

Good Homes: Increasing transparency in home products with challenges and opportunities for leadership

Hosted by SC Johnson

Businesses are being held to increasingly high standards, with consumers, investors, civil society and governments all demanding more openness and transparency from companies.

People want to know more about the products they bring into their homes — what’s in these products and how they have been made?

So how can companies earn trust by addressing these questions and what does the future hold for transparency?

Join SC Johnson and senior thought leaders in an interactive and engaging discussion on the opportunities and challenges for leadership in transparency. This session will include an interactive discussion involving all attendees and an expert panel.



Innovation Labs are for curious and committed individuals who are interested in collaborating with peer professionals around what the ‘The Good Life’ means both in and around industry sectors.

These 1.5-hour long sessions after lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday will unpack complex industry problems, seek to understand trends and insights, and focus on potential opportunities that drive business innovation. The outcome? Walk away with a better understanding of how your company can better position itself for success against the backdrop of evolving consumer visions of The Good Life.

Location: Norway Room Date: October 31, 2017 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Kelly M. Semrau Leith Sharp Perrine Bouhana Phil Cumming Luke Nicholls