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The Restorative 20s: Why and How the 2020s Can Be the Decade of Regenerative Business

This week, we kicked off a year-long conversation on Regenerative Business with Sustainable Brands’ content curator and regeneration expert, Dimitar Vlahov, and leaders from Timberland, General Mills and HowGood during a free SB sponsored webinar. 

Over the hour-long webinar, our panel of experts unpacked why ‘regeneration’ is critically important for the decade ahead, why it’s on the rise, and how it can be a win-win-win if done right. 

Takeaways include:

  • What regenerative business means, how it works, and its relationship is to sustainability
  • What industries regeneration is applicable to, and what company sizes are in a position to make the most use of it
  • How to apply principles of regenerative business to natural, social and human capital
  • How to make the case for regenerative practices to company leaders, suppliers, employees, consumers, and other stakeholders
  • How to plan and measure company performance around regenerative product innovation, operations and supply chain management

Watch the recording and discover how industry leaders are applying these principles in product innovation and supply chain management.