Tim Galles - Chief Idea Officer, Barkley
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Tim Galles
Tim Galles

Chief Idea Officer — Barkley

Tim Galles is the Chief Idea Officer of Barkley, a full-service creative idea company that builds potent modern “whole brands,” founder of the Whole Brand Project and the author of the  book Scratch: how to build a potent modern brand from the inside out, detailing the steps and  methodology Barkley uses in its work. 

As Chief Idea Officer, Tim oversees the connection, integration and innovation of ideas between Barkley’s three idea centers: Strategy and Transformation, Design and Experience and Communications and Activation, constantly working to build powerful whole brands. He brings together strategic insights and creative actions to create breakthrough ideas that redefine products and categories, all centered around a brand’s core strategic idea, called The Red Thread. He has a passion for inventing unique ideas that go beyond traditional and nontraditional definitions. Prior to Barkley, Tim led integrated ideas at Dentsu, Havas,  TBWA/CHIAT/DAY in both New York and Los Angeles, Leo Burnett in Chicago and Detroit, Team  Detroit and J. Walter Thompson. His brand experience includes Microsoft, Ford, GM, Nissan,  Reebok, Dairy Queen, Planet Fitness, Target, Hearst Media, Danone, Diageo, Nestlé and  Kimberly-Clark. Tim also teaches Designing for Good at The University of Kansas’s design  school, is on the board of Big Picture Learning in Providence and volunteer with Prep KC on their  Pathways to Design initiative.