Teri Sun - Chief Strategy Officer, White Rhino
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Teri Sun
Teri Sun

Chief Strategy Officer — White Rhino

At White Rhino, Teri helps brands develop communications that cut through the noise and drive positive behavior change. Working at the intersection of psychology and neuroscience, her team uncovers what motivates audiences on an individual level to identify the critical moments in the journey when brands can build trust. For Teri, trust is the most important emotion in any marketing communications. It is the basis of deep brand relationships that differentiates one brand from another: a brand that cares vs. a brand that could care less; a brand that empathizes vs. a brand that’s indifferent; a brand that’s authentic vs. a brand that’s nondescript.

Over the past 16 years, Teri has profiled doctors, researchers, C-suite executives, small business owners, patients, and general consumers on behalf of brands including Whole Foods Market, SAP, Citrix, Microsoft, Mass General Hospital, as well as a wide range of startups. The output ranges from traditional brand and marketing campaigns to the ideation, design, and development of websites and online communities, mobile health apps, immersive online experiences, and virtual and augmented reality.

Teri is currently excited to be working with her clients to drive adoption of a novel financial services platform, craft messaging that communicates a regenerative approach to sustainability, and increase consumer awareness of the COVID vaccine.