Susannah Enkema - VP of Research & Insights, Shelton Group
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Susannah Enkema
Susannah Enkema

VP of Research & Insights — Shelton Group

Susannah Enkema is the VP of Research & Insights at Shelton Group, the nation’s leading marketing communications agency focused exclusively on energy and the environment. She directs her team in designing primary and secondary, quantitative and qualitative research projects. She plays a key role at the front end in making sure they’re asking the right questions, and then helps dissect the findings and boil them down to the most important insights – the ones that pave the way for recommended marketing strategies and creative approaches. Shelton Group’s clients include Consumers Energy, Cotton LEADS, Eastman, Ecolab, Environmental Defense Fund, Mattel, Pactiv and Papa John’s.

With 20 years of market research experience working with a range of clients from Hanes to HGTV, Susannah is a pro at helping her clients understand what makes their customers and consumers tick and decoding the marketing and messaging that will spark action.